Is a 12 gauge to big for dove and quail hunting?

i want a 12 gauge for waterfowling and dove and quail. is it to big for my upland birds. or should i sacrifice to get a smaller gun even though i hunt waterfowl. any suggestions on good guns?

No, more waterfoul, quail and doves have been taken by a 12 ga. than all of the other gauges together. There is no significant difference in the velocity of the shot from a 20 ga or a 16 ga. . and a 12 ga. the main difference is the amount of shot you put into the air. Doves are very hard to hit in the air and you will need the extra shot that a 12 ga. has. Quail are not as hard to hit so a 20 ga. can be a very effective quail gun. For waterfoul, there is no question that you want a 12 ga. Whatever your quary, a 12 ga. is always a good choice.

Those who tell you that a 12 ga. is not a good gun for quail or especially dove simply have never hunted either or they would know that the ubiquitous 12 ga. is never too much gun. If they tell you that a 12 ga. is too much gun for waterfoul, they are obvioulsy ignornant when it comes to waterfoul hunting. If you are wanting to buy a shotgun, I would recommend that for your first shotgun, you get a 12 ga. You can hunt anything with it. If you buy a 20 ga. you may find yourself undergunned. You will definitely be undergunned when it comes to watgerfoul. If you already have a 12 ga. and want to buy another shotgun, by all means get a 20. They are a wonderful upland gun and a pleasure to carry because of their lighter weight but it would not be my first choice if it were the only shotgun that I owned.