What will i need to go hunting for Quail and Dove?

Ok, im going hunting for Quail, Dove, Cotton-Tail, ext…. I just bought a Remington 11-87. What else will i need? Just to let you know, where im hunting there is A LOT of rattle snakes

for dove, you usually sit in one spot, so rattlesnakes shouldnt be much of an issue. during quail season, most of the snakes will be denned up for the winter, so that wont be a problem either.
dont shoot rabbits until the first hard freeze. it weeds out the sick and helps rid the animal of parasites.
lots of water and a bucket to sit on during dove season. take at least 2 boxes of shells as dove hunting can get pretty frantic.

a comfortable pair of boots and a blaze orange vest for quail season.